Zirconium Coating

Are You Ready for a Joyful and Strong Smile?

Zirconium coatings are among the most preferred dental practices in the world, bringing together the concepts of tissue compatibility, aesthetics, naturalness and health, improving the people’s quality of life. Unlike metal-based porcelain, ‘zirconium’, which is a white alloy, is used. Providing aesthetics, naturalness and durability together, Zirconium coatings are applied in a short period of about 10 days and provide significant comfort for the patient. Unlike other dentistry applications, this method is preferred with confidence because it offers all important concepts such as natural appearance, aesthetic and mechanical resistance together, and is aesthetic enough to be used in front teeth and robust enough to be used in posterior teeth.

Am I a good candidate for zirconium coatings?

  • If your teeth have already been cut,
  • If you have teeth gaps,
  • If you have a metal supported bridge-crown (coating) in your mouth,
  • If you are not satisfied with your existing fillings,
  • If your broken or cracked teeth need to be treated,
  • If you have a serious crooked and skew teeth problem but do not want to deal with orthodontic treatment that takes longer,
  • If you have tried all bleaching methods but for reasons such as long-term antibiotics or fluorine use, you could not get the desired whiteness and you want a permanent whiteness,
  • If there is too much material loss in your teeth that cannot be filled, Zirconium Coatings may be an excellent option for you.

What zirconium coatings?


  • They are compatible with your existing teeth.
  • You will not have problems such as hot and cold sensitivity.
  • They do not create dark shadows on your teeth like metal-supported porcelains.
  • Since they attached to the teeth both mechanically and chemically, they have higher retention in long-term use.
  • They are not affected by circumferential factors such as smoking, tea, coffee, and minimize the risk of tartar formation.
  • Since they do not put pressure on the gums, they do not cause the gums to bruise.
  • Since they do not contain metals such as nickel, they do not cause allergies.
  • They can be used comfortably by those with gum problems as they are perfectly compatible with the body.

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