What is Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment)?

Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the treatment of diseases of the pulp tissue, which is the vascular nerve package that provides the protection and nutrition of the tooth inside the teeth.

What is a root canal treatment?

The outermost layer of the upper part of the teeth is made up of enamel tissue, and there is yellow dentin tissue below the enamel tissue. The tooth contains pulp tissue, which is also known as nerve tissue, consisting of vessels, nerves and connective tissues and gives the tooth its vitality.  The pulp extends to the root tip through the canals in the root and connects to the main vascular-nervous system of the body from the root tip. The process of removing pulp from the tooth root, developing root canals and filling these areas with filling material is called root canal treatment.

Do I have to have a root canal treatment for my tooth?

If there is an inflammation or infection in the pulp tissue of your tooth, a root canal treatment is required.

In which situations is root canal treatment required?

  • If your tooth decay has deepened,
  • If your teeth are damaged due to impact, fall, or impact,
  • If your teeth are broken or cracked,
  • If you have an advanced gum problem because it has not been treated, you may need to have root canal treatment for your teeth.

How do I know if I need a root canal treatment?

  • If you have sensitivity and pain in your teeth when you consume sugary, hot or cold foods,
  • If you have sudden toothaches especially at night,
  • If you feel pain in the form of tingling in your teeth while eating,
  • If your tooth starts to change color, it should be intervened as soon as possible.  Because after reaching this stage, your tooth cannot heal on its own. Your dentist must absolutely intervene.

How is a root canal treatment performed? Is it a painful procedure?

You will not feel any pain because root canal treatment is a treatment in which the tooth is completely anesthetized under local anesthesia.  After your tooth is anesthetized, all the decayed tissue on the tooth is cleaned and the pulp (vein-nerve tissue) is cleaned up to the root ends. After the root canals are cleaned and enlarged, they are filled with filling material. Lastly, the superstructure of the tooth is restored with composite filling, onlay (porcelain filling) or porcelain veneers.

How long does a root canal treatment take?

Root canal treatment is a procedure that is usually completed in about 1 hour within 1 day. If there is any abscess in your tooth, it may be completed in a few sessions after the required medical treatment is completed.

Will there be pain after the root canal treatment?

It is normal to experience sensitivity for about 1 week after the root canal treatment. During this period, you can use painkillers recommended by your doctor.

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