Digital Smile Design

Time to refresh your self-confidence with a perfect smile…

In addition to a healthy mouth, an aesthetic smile has become increasingly important in recent years as well. We evaluate your lips, teeth and gums with our experts in order to determine the most suitable and natural smile for you, and we design a completely special smile for you in just a few sessions. How?

First of all, we take photos of your teeth in a professional environment and take digital measurements with 3-dimensional devices, which are the latest products of current technology. We match the photograph taken in our digital smile design program and the digital measurement taken in 3D, review all aesthetic factors such as your lip and gum level, the size of your teeth, and the harmony with the general structure of your mouth, and we do a 3D analysis with our experts for the design that best suits you. We plan support treatments for you to have a confident smile in this application where you have the chance to see how you can smile with pleasure after the digital smile design with the mock-up we have prepared for you before all the procedures begin. It is time to enjoy a joyful smile with the smile design, with which additional procedures such as porcelain laminates, dental bleaching, correction of tooth fractures are made to support your teeth and gums to your brand new smile…

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